Early Childhood Program

Program Overview

  • Ages 0-5

  • Early development for crucial learning years

  • Fun learning environment for our little ones

  • Creative teaching for children that need a little more one-on-one attention

  • Getting children ahead of the curve in core subjects

  • Small classes, so your kids stay focused!


Program Description

The need for support with various levels of core subjects is great, so we provide support for our students in Math, Science and Literacy.

Data suggests that Black and Brown children do not begin Kindergarten’s Math and Science classes ready for school. We have decided to do something about that. Our Early Childhood Program works with students from zero to five years old, and prepares them to be educationally and developmentally ready in Math, Science and Literacy for Kindergarten. We understand the power of play for children, hence why our program is only half a day from 9am - 1pm. Parents can choose to bring their child for two hours or four hours a day, or even everyday Monday - Friday. We believe our program compliments the home school learning model or a part-time preschool model.

Our classes are intensive; we spend a full week learning only in the 3 core areas listed above. All our classes are recorded as we subscribe to the ‘HiMama app’ so parents and guardians can see daily, weekly and monthly what their child has been learning. Our classes are small, no more than five children at any time.

The classes are taught through dance, music, kinesthetic, song and modalities. Parents have been impressed at how quickly their children learn to read, count and sing. Because of our emphasis on developing Black and Brown students our learning tools reflect this diversity and culture.

All children who wish to stay the full 4 hours a day must be potty trained or a parent, guardian or nanny must attend classes. We provide snacks for children who attend for 2 hours and lunch and snacks for those who stay the full 4 hours.