Professional Development Program

"The After School program is one of our most popular programs. Over the years this program has become more sophisticated in its delivery."

We Do M.E.T.S.

  • K-12th Grade

  • After School Care for busy parents

  • Freshly prepared meals and snacks are inclusive (please inform us of any allergies pertaining to your children)

  • Program for all age groups

  • Improvement in core subjects and STEM enrichment

  • Community of other students, fun environment!

Program Description


What do we do to supply an elegant and educational after-school experience?

First, we collect your child from school. This is especially unique for most working parents who leave their children at other programs solely because they can't get there, not because they believe it's a great program for their child.

We pick them up and take them to The Knowledge Shop where they are greeted by our warm, caring, and loving staff who provide them with their hot supper, freshly-prepared food by Miss Yolande (Check out our social media to see some of the delicious dishes!).

Then after eating it, it is onto completing their homework to the highest standard of grade. All of their school’s homework is completed for the day or week. We then move our sights to the extracurricular homework developed by Miss Yolande based on her own upbringing of parents who would leave homework for her to complete every night after school.


The modern-day twist is in four key areas of learning:

  1. The 4 math Sheet Drill - based on Dr Michael Batie’s STEM 54 model for Black and Brown students.

  2. Read a book a week - based on The Knowledge Shop’s extensive library of books collected over the years and donations from local charities.

  3. Spelling Words for their specific grade level - where they must learn not only the word itself, but also its origin and definition.

  4. Ethnic studies of learning/building on their Black and Brown culture - if you don't know where you came from how on earth do you know where you're going!

All of the above takes place Monday - Thursday. Friday is known as ‘Fun Friday’, where we watch movies, have popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream, go to the gym and just simply have fun because if you work hard all week you get to play on Friday! Over the years our After School students have statistically increased their grades over each semester. Winning $100 prizes from Miss Yolande for a report card with all A's!

Sponsors & Further Education

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ST Math

Readers Make Leaders, In Partnership with Gordon Philanthropies

Encouraging Our Students to Become Avid Readers.

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