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The Knowledge Shop is unapologetic about nurturing wisdom and developing opportunities for our Black and Brown Children to become the brilliant, gifted, and talented children we know they can be by formulating and respecting the relationships with our families, parents, and guardians that we trust who know their child better than anyone else.


Black and Brown families are at the core of our work. We intend on dismantling systemic institutionalized racism that for over 400 years has held them back from achieving their brilliance. We have centered our work on this huge vision with good intentions!

Our Work

In The Knowledge Shop, we begin with trusting the wisdom and knowledge of our communities and families. For too long it has been expected that our families and communities have little or nothing to offer. We dispute this from our lived experiences collaborating with youth and families since 2015. Our students succeed with a combination of support from within their homes, school, and communities. So we lead with family and community first. We center the voices of our families and children first. Educators, policymakers, and academics have written for so long about what needs to be done. Unfortunately, little has changed with their leadership. We intend to reverse the strategy and begin with our families and communities. You must see our Black and Brown children as brilliant first, love them second and trust their families third. If you can do that then you can join us in this mission and vision. Join us and lift up our communities as a whole and see our children as we see them – Brilliant Black and Brown young people with loving families, parents, and guardians.


Our Founders

Yolande Beckles (CEO/Co-Founder) & Carlton Porter (President/Co-Founder)



Yolande Beckles

Carlton Porter

Sandy Love

Diandra Beckles

Jamiealita Johnson

Euan Beckles


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